Thyroid Health Smoothie


Thyroid Health

If you have issues with your thyroid health, you may be experiencing weight gain or fatigue.

The thyroid is a small gland producing the hormones that regulate your energy and mood as well as maintaining your metabolism. As such, it requires sufficient nutrients for optimal functioning.

Apart from vitamins, the requirement of iodine, zinc, selenium, B vitamins, E vitamins and omega 3 needs to be available for the correct balance to be maintained.

Other symptoms of problems here, may be fatigue, dry skin, foggy thinking, and even hair loss.

These are two signs of thyroid health issues that should receive immediate attention.

You may find yourself at the doctor and, especially during the early stages, find yourself with more questions than answers.

In some cases, the doctor may simply tell you to change your diet and exercise. If this is the case, one step you can take is to start adding smoothies to your weekly routine.

Here are some smoothies that are designed to help your thyroid health and help reverse issues you may be having.

Base for any Thyroid Smoothie

Vegetable SmoothieWhen you start to create a smoothie for thyroid health, you will need to start with a solid base.

This can be added to help support further thyroid issues as well.

The base of the smoothie contains leafy greens and lots of veggies.

Some good options are mixed greens, carrots, celery, cucumber, and avocado.

You may also want more protein like with pea protein, along with a little coconut milk to allow it to blend well. A spoonful of Flaxseed powder is also useful.

Though it sounds like that should be enough to help, you may want to add some other items just to boost the base.

Additional Options

Some of the additional options you can add are items that boost Vitamin C, are anti-inflammatory, and that give you Omega 3.

You can turn to hemp seed for the Omega 3, oranges and blueberries for Vitamin C, and you can use turmeric powder to add spice and give you powerful anti-inflammatory assistance.

If the turmeric powder is too bitter, you can opt to go with black cherries instead.

You can mix things up and try juicing the fruits then adding them in place of water.

For example, if you are having severe inflammation, then you can juice cherries and add them to the smoothie mix.

Tips for Thyroid Smoothies

One of the biggest tips to making the right mixture or adding the right things to a Vitamin Cthyroid smoothie is to focus on the issues you are specifically having.

For example, if you are having issues with inflammation, you will want to add more cherries to the mix to help bring down inflammation.

If you are having issues with weight gain, you will want to add foods to the base that will boost probiotics and fiber to help cleanse the colon.

By taking this into consideration you can better aim the smoothie to help you specifically rather than offering a small amount of help from the base smoothie alone.

When starting out, here is a solid base recipe to get you started.

Killer Thyroid Repair Starter Smoothie Recipe:

1/2 Cup Filtered Water
3 Brazil Nuts – Selenium rich
1 TBSP Hemp seeds – Vitamin E
1 TBSP Pumpkin Seeds- Zinc rich
2 Cups Spinach  OR Kale – Vitamin B6 & nutrients
1/2 Apple – Pectins flush toxins
1 TBSP Apple Cider Vinegar – Heals the gut
1 Cup Almond OR Walnut milk – Omega 3


1 Slice of Avocado – Healthy fats, balances hormones
1 TBSP Maca Powder -For Energy

Blitz everything in a blender until smooth. Add a little more Apple to enhance taste.

Drinking this every morning will work wonders. Later on, you can experiment with other ingredients as mentioned above, as long as there is a good amount of leafy greens as a base. ENJOY!

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