Vegetable Smoothie

The Pros And Cons Of Smoothies- All You Need To Know

So, you’ve  been hearing about smoothies for quite some time now. And you’re probably thinking whether this is for you or not.

To help you, I’ve outlined the pros and cons of smoothies for you.


The Advantages of Having a Daily Dose of Blended Vegetables and Fruits

  • This fact can’t simply go unnoticed. Smoothies, especially when done right, taste and smell good even for the pickiest eater in town. It tickles your taste buds and fills your stomach.
  • Even your most-hated vegetable can taste great when masked with fruit. You may not believe it but you will be able to “eat” raw bitter gourds or kale without being “bitter” about it.
  • As mentioned earlier, smoothies are full of vitamins, antioxidant and minerals. Hence, it can literally make you beautiful. Drinking a glass daily can save you from pricey supplements in the market.
  • Smoothies are quick and easy to prep.
    This is an advantage especially for those who what are always busy and who does not have the luxury to prep complicated healthy breakfasts.
  • Smoothies promote deep sleep. It is the result of a well-nourished body.
  • Smoothies can be used as a detox aid. Our present times tempt us with a lot of junk food and unhealthy habits.
    From time to time, we need to detox in order to reset the body. Smoothies are a great way to jumpstart any detox plan.
  • Making smoothies a part of your diet is a start of a healthy habit. This also trains the brain to “look” at healthy eating in a different light.
  • Knowing that you are trying to be healthy and mindful of your body through incorporating smoothies in your diet releases happy hormones. You may become more radiant, energetic and happy.

What? There are disadvantages?

Just like in any other endeavor, of course, there will always be disadvantages, and smoothies are no exemption.

To understand better, let us take a look at the list below:

  • The process of chewing is skipped.
    Digestion actually starts by chewing. Man, unless faced with medical conditions is supposed start the digestion process by chewing his food at least 36 times before swallowing it down to his stomach.
    This is an integral process as saliva production increases and the taste buds found in the tongue are activated.
    Now, when the process of chewing is skipped, there are organs in the body that gets confused and in time, this will result to problems.
  • Experts warn about oxalate poisoning to those who are fond of green smoothies. Oxolate is naturally found and produced in the body, but in small amounts only. Now, when a person gets too fond of green smoothies that all his meals are replaced by it, the chances for oxolate poisoning gets high as it is also available in green leafy vegetables. The body might have too much of oxolate from itself and from smoothies. Oxolate can cause kidney stones, developmental delays in children, hives and some forms of autism.
  • If not researched carefully, smoothies can spike up sugar levels in the body. As with all food that you allow to enter your body, smoothies should also be well-thought of and well-planned.
    If you will get lax about this and just follow some recipes you read somewhere, chances are, sugar from fruits and other ingredients on your smoothies can harm more than make you healthy.
    Although fructose is supposed to be healthy, be reminded that the amount matters. If you are not careful with the recipes that you cling to, then there could be a chance that you are harming your body with sugar and added calories.
  • If not planned well, your journey towards smoothies for health and weight-loss could be expensive.
    If you are unaware of where to purchase quality and fresh fruits and vegetables, then you might end up buying from supermarkets which offers these good at more cost.
    Also, if you are to purchase power blenders based on what is new in the market and based on marketing strategies, then chances are you might own one that is not based on quality.
    Another thing to consider is that, if you are just starting on smoothies, and you get too excited and made the mistake of purchasing more than enough produce, you might end up throwing away precious vegetables and fruits.
    This can either be due to spoilage or bad combination taste.

Whole foods

So, What’s The Next Best Thing?

Now that you have been presented with both the pros and cons of smoothies, you should have realized that still, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Although the disadvantages sound serious, all still depends on you. One step to outweigh the disadvantages mentioned is to finish reading this report.
Another is to research and look for academic papers that discusses smoothies, if there are any.

A good move is also to consult a nutritionist/expert before planning your smoothie journey.
Asking around your neighborhood with regards to small scale farmers is also a good way to start.
This ensures you a supply of fresh produce and that you will not be limited to what your nearest supermarket has offer.
Finding a local farmer also lessens your chances of spiking up the sugar content of your smoothies as you will be able to plan your recipes.

The Key is Balance

To be able to assure that you are maximizing the benefits of smoothies, the thing to have is balance.

Why balance?

Balance acts as the equalizer of the advantages and the disadvantages. For instance, if you are lost as to what recipe to follow, having balance means that most probably, you will balance the vegetables and the fruit content of your smoothie.

You will think of the oxolate content of the vegetables while being aware of the fructose content of the fruits you are to include.

Balance also means that you will not rely on smoothies simply because you are too lazy to prepare real food.

It also means knowing that having smoothies does not mean you have to forego eating solid food so as not to confuse your digestive organs.

When you are being mindful of balance, you are aware that it is a fact that smoothies can make your skin glow but real beauty come from a kind heart.

Indeed, all depends on you. Your thoughts. Your habits. Your actions.