The Basics of Storing Kombucha


Healthy Kombucha Drink

When you start to make your own kombucha, you will find the need to know how to store it properly. You can’t just make the drink and put it in a bottle on your counter. There are steps to take to store it while it is fermenting and ways to store it after the fermentation process is finished. These are the basics of storing kombucha and what you need to consider about storing your own kombucha for long term use.




Dark Warm Place

The first thing you will need is a dark warm place to store the kombucha while it is fermenting. You do not want the place to be hot, so don’t pick an area near a stove, oven, furnace, or fireplace. Instead, look for an area like a cupboard or under your sink area. Some people find that storing the kombucha under the sink, but near the dishwasher is ideal. It is dark and the warm or hot water used in the dishwasher warms the area enough to aid the fermentation process.

Cold Storage

Once you have finished brewing or fermenting your kombucha, you will need to move it to a cold place. You do not want to freeze it. You do want to keep it cold, however. Most people tend to make larger batches of kombucha that they drink over the course of a month. You can also make it in individual resealable and reusable glass bottles as well. These bottles come in kits, sets, and can be purchased from wine and beer making stores as well.

Fermentation Times and Flavorings

Make sure that you are fermenting your kombucha for the right amount of time. For example, you will need to ferment it for at least three days in a dark warm area in glass resealable jars. You can maintain that process for up to thirty days before moving it to the fridge. If you plan on adding flavorings to your kombucha, you should do this at the time you remove it from the fermentation area to the fridge. You can add flavorings at that time and allow them to remain in the kombucha for at least one day before straining any excess.

If you plan on making enough kombucha to last for a month, you may want to consider making it two months ahead of time. This means you will have one set you are working on, one waiting, and constantly keeping them in a revolution without needing a large amount of storage.

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