There is no doubt that eating vegetables will make you healthy. The question is, will drinking vegetable juices give out equally healthy benefits? Or will it give more? I know you want to know the truth about juicing, that’s why you are reading this. To give you this satisfaction, read on and learn more.

Juice It Up!

Juicing will allow you to consume more vitamins and antioxidants for an obvious reason; you can consume more vegetables when it is in liquid form compared when you eat vegetables in solid form. Studies show that drinking juice of raw vegetables help fight back chronic diseases such as immune disorders, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancers, skin diseases and many others.

Furthermore, drinking raw vegetable juices is very good for your digestion because your digestive system uses less energy to digest and liquefy food. Thus, it can rest more. Although you will not be able to benefit much on fiber, you will surely be delighted with the benefits that a live enzyme can give knowing that juicing will preserve the enzymes since the food is uncooked.

Then again, we need to understand that juices are not created the same except when done freshly. For bottled juices, make sure to read the labels because highly concentrated fruit juices can significantly increase blood sugar levels, aside from the fact that it has less nutritional value since it undergone artificial process.

To conclude, it is best to prepare fruit and vegetable juices by yourself to ensure optimum benefits. To enjoy it more, you can try combining a few types of fruits and veggies while you experiment until you find your favorites. Nevertheless, you can try some popular mixes such as blending leafy vegetable like spinach and cucumber, mixed with apple or carrot to add some sweet taste.

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