Intuitive Real Food And Avoiding Processed

When you really look at the culture that surrounds how most people view food, it’s really surprising that more people don’t have difficulties with it. These societal standards that are imposed on people culturally around the world has had a damaging effect on how many view food, and how they interact with it on a daily basis. It’s important to get back to what’s natural.

In the next few paragraphs, you’ll read about a few intuitive eating habits to learn in relation to eating real foods.

You Used to Know

When you’re first born, the only thing that you know are the things that drive you, and much of the time that’s hunger and comfort. All children are born with an automatic sense of when they’re hungry and then done eating. In order to get back to the natural, there will be a few points for you to try to re-learn.

Don’t Ignore Your Hunger

Some people think that feeling hungry is a shameful thing. It isn’t. It’s how your body tells you that you require nourishment, but it’s important to be able to tell the difference between boredom hunger, and the real hunger that means you need food. If you try drinking water and remain hungry. The it’ likely that it’s real hunger. If you eat on a schedule your body will thank you.

Allow Yourself Some Latitude

When you eat good foods you probably feel pretty good, but how do you feel when you eat certain foods that many people consider to be “bad?” It’s important to give yourself some space in these situations. Negative feelings will only create more problems with how you feel about yourself, which can drive you to destructive behaviors. Don’t deny yourself to the point that you go on a food binge of the foods your trying to avoid.

Correct and Control Your Inner Critic

When you begin to feel negative things about yourself or your choices in a day, be resistant to the desire to torture yourself. This destroys your ability to enjoy meals by yourself or with anyone else.

Get Acquainted with Feeling Full

Self awareness takes practice, but if you sit quietly and eat with fewer distraction, you may find that your body has already been producing cues to let you know that you’ve eaten enough.

Get Exercise

A lot of people might groan when they read this one, but it’s an important part of life. Every action that you take from the time that you get out of bed until you are back in bed is recorded by your body. It takes a reading of how many calories you need to function, and dispenses energy based on that reading. Working out optimize your energy level in a day. Start out small, and keep listening to your body.

Tips for Cutting Out Processed Foods

If you‘ve been looking at anything about health and diet in the last 30 – 40 years, then you’ve probably heard repeatedly that processed food should only be eaten in strict moderation. This is because researchers have studied the effects of these foods on the body, and their conclusion have raised a lot of concerns among health professionals. This information moves many to avoid these foods, so if you are in line with that thinking, the next few paragraphs will discuss tips for cutting out processed foods.

Processed foods

CC BY by Jayel Aheram

Where to Start First

If you’re anything like most people, reading the ingredient list on many of the prepackaged bags of chips, and individually wrapped burritos and sandwiches sold in stores can be baffling. As your eyes trace the indecipherably long names of chemicals, you probably feel some sort of apprehension, and it turns out that is right mindset. One simple piece of advice that you can always follow, is to avoid anything that is difficult to pronounce, or looks completely unfamiliar to you. That will keep you from ingesting anything with harsh preservatives. That’s not to say that it is all terrible, but that will give you somewhat of a buffer.

Try Some Healthy Brands

While you are learning to create your own sauces and condiments for your food, you can try some healthier versions of the condiments you normally use. They are slowly becoming more common, but you can always find them at specialty stores. Once you’re used to the idea of making your own, you’ll be able to compare your version with the ones you’ve tried.

Foods to Help You Create

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is extremely versatile. You can use it to add coconut flavor to foods and baked goods, you can use it to lightly fry veggies and give them a beautiful, fragrant smell and taste. It’s great for tea, smoothies, and can be a great addition to mellow out an intense sauce.

Specialty Cut Veggies (As noodle replacement)

Who would pass on some fun cuts of tasty vegetables? If you have a food processor or a special cutting device that can make pasta shapes out of vegetables, then you have a huge list of great foods that you can make. When you feel like you want some pasta but veggies are a better idea, then you can get something going with these.

Greek yogurt

Yogurt like this is great for all kinds of projects. You can use it to make everything from salad dressings, to sweet treats. Greek yogurt is also awesome on anything bready and savory.

Potatoes and Squash

These great ground treasures have such a massive role in food all over the world. Potatoes can be prepared in a variety of ways. Baked, lightly fired, or mashed, and squash makes a great base for soup and other innovative ideas.