Healthy Valentines Day Meal Ideas

Valentine Meals

Healthy Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day breakfast ideas are loaded with sugar and very indulgent.

If you are on a special diet plan, watching your weight, or if you are getting ready for an upcoming fitness event then these breakfasts can be a no go option.

If you still want to celebrate Valentine’s day with your significant other, there are options that you can create for breakfast that are healthy and not loaded with sugar.

Here are a few ideas.

Berry Pancakess

Strawberry Topped Banana Pancakes

Banana pancakes are very easy to make. All you need are eggs and bananas.

Mix the two ingredients together until you get a pancake like consistency.

Cook in the same way you would traditional pancakes.

Top them with strawberries and add some organic honey to taste. This gives you the benefit of having potassium packed bananas, the benefits of organic raw honey, and the benefit of several fruit servings in one easy to make breakfast.

Add a special touch by cutting the pancakes into heart shapes.

Red Heart Smoothie

Smoothies are a go to for many people who have busy lives.

They are easy to make, easy to pack with superfood and protein, and can be sipped on while driving to work or dropping off the kids.

You can make the smoothie special for breakfast and Valentine’s day by making it heart conscious and red. Use strawberries, pomegranate, and bananas to create a pink hue.

Pack a bigger punch by adding greek yogurt.

If you want, make some coconut milk whipped cream and top the smoothie for an extra addition to this special smoothie.

You show you care about your significant other’s heart health as well as caring about them on such a special day.

French Toast with Red Coconut Whipped Cream and Honey

Does your significant other like french toast?

If they do, then this could be the best breakfast idea for them.

Use whole grain or gluten free bread to create the french toast base.

Fresh ground cinnamon, almond milk, and egg substitute can take the place of more traditional egg bases for the toast.

While your toast is cooking, you can create the whipped cream.

Take a can of coconut milk and a stick mixer. Mix the coconut milk until you get a whipped cream consistency. Use this as the whipped cream and organic raw honey drizzled over the plate. It is heart healthy, healthy for you overall, and gives you the french toast you may normally crave.

These are just a few ideas.

If you want more, or if you aren’t sure these are something your significant other would like, look to vegan options.

The reason for this is that most vegan options are loaded with superfoods, give you energy boosts, and are loaded with fruit to give you a healthy start for the day.

Fun Healthy Valentine’s Day Lunch Ideas

Sometimes, couples are so busy during their week that finding time for a Valentine’s Day meet-up means doing it on a quick lunch break.

If lunch is the only time you have to pamper your significant other on this special day, then you need something that doesn’t take much time and is filling.

Here are some healthy Valentine’s Day lunch ideas that you could use to impress and pamper.


Heart Healthy Sushi

One of the fastest and easiest lunch ideas to create for Valentine’s Day is sushi.

Okay, so you may not know how to make it yourself, but that won’t stop you.

You can contact your local sushi restaurant and order avocado based sushi. California rolls, avocado and cream cheese, and other similar rolls are ideal.

Once you pick the order up, take it home and start the heart health sushi lunch.

Lay the sushi out in a heart shape on each plate.

In the center, use fresh avocado slices to create a fan like or circle sunburst effect.

You can add a special berry juice drink or sparkling water with strawberries to add an added Valentine’s Day touch.

Heart Shaped Mock Chicken Salad

There is a recipe that has been floating around the vegan community for awhile.

It is a mock chicken salad that can be made easily with chickpeas.

This may sound boring, but you can dress it up and take this healthy lunch idea to the next level for Valentine’s Day.

Use chickpeas, vegan mayonnaise, and spices to create the mock chicken salad. You can serve this over lettuce cups or on a sandwich.

Create a heart shape with the lettuce leaves or with the bread you use for the sandwich. You can add fruit on the side that is also in a heart shape.

This is a great quick option if you can’t meet for Valentine’s Day lunch, but you can drop lunch off for your significant other.

Pink Cauliflower Soup

In some areas of the world, Valentine’s Day falls during a cold weather snap.

This means that soup is on the menu for lunch.

If you want to go with a soup option, or mix a soup with the mock chicken salad recipe, then pink cauliflower soup may be ideal.

The key to this soup is using purple cauliflower. Just blend the cauliflower and add a hint of cream to the mix until smooth.

Heat and serve. It is quick, easy, and has the perfect pink for the special day.

These are only a few of the ideas you can use.

There are other options as well.

You can even take these ideas and create your own special lunch idea that is tweaked for you and your significant other.

Remember, the little things matter as well. Add a special note, drink, or create a special romantic environment that shows you care.