Healthy Valentine Gifts Show Affection

Valentine Gift

 Health-Related Valentine’s Day Gifts

When you start thinking about Valentine’s Day gifts, the first thing that comes to mind is either chocolate or jewelry.

Though these gifts are fine, they aren’t for everyone.

In fact, if you and your significant other are into health and fitness, a gift from that genre may be ideal.

If this sounds good to you, but you aren’t sure how you want to move forward, here are some ideas.

Fitness Watch and Heart Monitor

Okay, so a fitness watch may not be the first thing you think of when you are buying a health related or fitness Valentine’s Day gift.

The truth is, you can make this gift a great Valentine’s gift. Go for a pink or red band to match the theme.

Make sure the fitness watch has a heart monitor on it, because it shows that you care about your significant other’s heart health, but it also plays into the heart theme of Valentine’s Day.

Tea Set

Flowering Tea Set

If coffee isn’t your significant other’s cup of tea, then you may want to reach for a flowering tea set instead.

Flowering tea comes in small round balls. This herbal tea is available in various flavors and relaxation options.

Pop them into a clear glass teapot and watch them bloom. It is romantic without  going overboard on hearts.

It also can be added to a full relaxation and spa day or night and leave something to see year round as a reminder of the special day.

The ideal set is one that comes with the tea pot, infuser, and flowering tea.

5K Valentine’s Day Race

This health related Valentine’s Day gift idea isn’t for the faint of heart.

If you both are runners, it may be ideal.

Look for a Valentine’s Day 5k race you can do together. It is an activity you both can enjoy, and you will get a medal for the event.

This gives you something to remember the big day, and can be a bit of a challenge if you are both competitive and want to see who runs faster.

You can also set a time to beat with a reward for another Valentine’s gift if that is a surprise or more intimate option.

Keep in mind, these health related Valentine’s Day gifts are just part of the gift giving process.

A lot is in how you give the gifts and the environment you create.

Make each gift a little special by adding some Valentine’s Day themed options to them or going for a Valentine’s Day color.

Fun No-Treat Gifts For the Kids on Valentine’s Day

Staying away from food related treats on Valentine’s Day, especially when kids are concerned, can be difficult.

You may try this for a variety of reasons including avoiding allergies or having to purchase multiple gifts for a variety of children.

If you are looking for fun no-treat Valentine’s gifts that are still kid friendly, here are a few ideas.

Heart Shaped Earbuds

If you have just a few children to buy for, then heart shaped earbuds may be an ideal option.

These can be purchased at most dollar stores as a novelty item for Valentine’s Day.

If you have a kid that spends a lot of time on their tablet or listening to music, this can also be ideal.

For boys, the hearts may not be that ideal, but you can find other options like solid red earbuds or something similar.


Red Jenga Games

If you have a technology free game night, or you host a technology free game day, then a jenga game may be an ideal option.

This game requires some skill and it can be ideal for two or more kids.

If you can’t find a red jenga game, consider getting a jenga game and painting it red.

This gives a Valentine’s Day theme while giving a treat for kids that is not food related and challenges their mind.

Pajama Movie Night

This gift idea can be for the whole family, but especially for the kids in your family.

Choose a family movie that you all love.

This does not have to be a romance movie. It just has to be a movie that you all love. Now, pick out some pajamas for the special night.

The pajamas should be themed for Valentine’s Day.

For girls they can have hearts, cupids, lips, or anything that fits the theme.

For boys, they can be all red or something similar.

If you have older kids you can turn the day around and go with a horror movie theme for the night. Make it a “broken Valentine’s Day,” and pick a horror movie.

Turn the movie night into something fun that flips the idea of Valentine’s Day a bit.

You can combine these gifts into gift bags as well.

The idea is to keep it fun and entertaining so the kids forget about the treats that they may be used to on this special day.

When it comes to kids, think outside of the box. Think of the things they love and bring that into the theme of the day.