Flatulence – Treat It Naturally

Suffering from Flatulence – How to Treat It Naturally

It is something that most people don’t even want to talk about in mixed company or otherwise. We all do it but in public it can be embarrassing. We are talking about flatulence or passing gas. If you have this problem in excess, here are a few ways that you can treat it naturally.

Our first instinct is to reach for over-the-counter medication for everything. But, there are some problems that can be solved without the pharmacy. If you are dealing with a gas problem, start with your kitchen. Here are some tips:

* Change your diet – Certain foods give us gas more than others. We all know about beans. Sometimes, even soaking them in salt water before cooking them won’t take away their ability to give us the bloat and the flatulence. You may want to take it easy on them as well as cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage – to name a few.

* Watch out for dairy products – If milk and ice cream are setting you in fits, it could be that you are lactose intolerant. One way to eliminate the flatulent smell is to switch to soy milk.

* Eat fresh peppermint – This is not the candy. Fresh peppermint leaves or peppermint tea can help with your gaseous nature. It is the menthol in the peppermint that does the trick.

* Hot water – For a long time people have used hot water to help relieve the bloat and gas. Don’t add any sugar or lemon, just try to drink a plain cup of hot water and see what happens.

* Apple cider vinegar – This lovely concoction has many uses in the body. Who knew that it also worked for flatulence? Add a couple of teaspoons to a cup of warm water and drink.

* Decrease your alcohol consumption – When we drink we often take in a lot of air as well. It is the air that we swallow that creates the trapped gas we have to get rid of in some situations. Excess gas may be due to drinking too much alcohol and swallowing air. For some reason, beer brings on cases of gas.

* Eating a lot of fiber – Eating more fiber is a good thing, but while your body is flushing itself out, it can be a nuisance. Your gas may increase until the intestines are properly working. If you can’t handle it, lower your fiber intake for a little bit.

* Eat more frequent meals – Eating larger meals can overwhelm the digestive system and produce more gas as the enzymes in the intestines work to digest and absorb it all. Smaller meals may be easier on your body and quieten the gas problem.

Are you experiencing flatulence at times? It is normal but it can be a problem under the wrong circumstances. Use these examples to combat the problem without medication.