Dandelions Are More than Just a Weed

Believe it or not, dandelions are more than just a weed. Studies have shown that dandelions act as a tonic to purify the blood, improve gastrointestinal health, and its juice can be used to treat colds and congestion, as well.

Dandelions are not just weeds growing wildly in your garden. They are a rich source of Beta-carotene and vitamin A, fiber, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, thiamine, riboflavin, and protein.

Some of the benefits of dandelions are: aids in weight loss, cleanses the skin, improves bowel function, prevents anemia, control diabetes, lowers cholesterol, reduces acid indigestion, and can prevent certain forms of cancer.

In addition, there are studies which indicate that the dandelion has cured certain types of melanoma. In fact, one patient who had a malignant melanoma reportedly ate dandelion salad every day and after a dozen years or so there has been no recurring melanoma.

One of the most beneficial uses for dandelion is in the treatment of high blood pressure. Moreover, dandelion acts as a diuretic and its potassium aids in maintaining a healthy heart. Used for cramps and muscle spasms, dandelions have been used for centuries. In fact, the root of the dandelion is said to cleanse the liver.

If you need a mild laxative, the dandelion will prove beneficial in this regard. It will also improve your appetite, relieve constipation, and aid in indigestion.

Dandelions are healthy and not harmful in any way. It is reported that everyone can benefit from eating dandelions on a regular basis or drinking its juices, as well.

The next time you tend to your garden, save those dandelions that are growing wildly and use them to make a healthy juice, or for use in any of the treatments described herein. Mother Nature has a way of providing us with plants and flowers used for oils and teas. Consider, then, that dandelions are more than just a weed. They are beneficial to our health in more ways than we can imagine.