Benefits of Coffee Kombucha

When you think of kombucha you may not think about coffee. The truth is there are coffee kombucha recipes and each have their benefits. If tea is not your bag, consider the uses of coffee instead. This can especially be good for someone who is a heavy coffee drinker. Here are the benefits of coffee kombucha and what you need to know about each one.
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Diuretic Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of coffee kombucha is the ability to not only have your digestion improved and colon cleared, but also experience a powerful diuretic. This means you are getting all the benefits of kombucha while getting the coffee diuretic that can further clean your bowels and system. This is ideal for someone who may experience severe constipation, severe IBS with constipation, or impaction issues.

Reduced Risk of Liver Cancer

If liver cancer or issues run in your family, you may be intrigued to find out that one of the benefits of coffee kombucha is a 40% reduced risk of liver cancer. This is based on a routine use of the drink, as in on a daily basis. The drink can flush your system and help keep your liver and colon health in line which will help reduce blockages that can lead to issues with your liver being able to process and work properly.

Reduced Inflammation

One of the benefits of kombucha alone is reduced inflammation. Replacing coffee for the amount of tea in the kombucha does not negate this benefit. You will still be able to reap the benefits of reduced inflammation and likely see even more significant reduction. Coffee does help reduce inflammation, especially in neck related inflammation and headaches caused by that inflammation. This means that if you are seeking a relief to your chronic inflammation, a coffee kombucha may be ideal over a traditional kombucha added to your daily routine.

Reduced Tension

Coffee has been shown to help reduce tension when it is consumed on a normal routine basis. It can help with minor anxiety that leads to tension, muscle pain and spasms that lead to tension, and inflammation that leads to tension. This benefit of coffee combined with kombucha is only personified and not reduced.

Coffee kombucha is a bit more difficult to create that the traditional tea based options. As you research coffee based kombucha you will find out there are certain types of coffee that work better than others. You will also find out which coffees to use and which coffee additions will work best with your kombucha.