The Top 10 Ways To Begin Your Day


The Top 10 Ways To Begin Your Day – Starting your day right

Before Leaving The House, Here’s How To Feel Your Best

Mornings are hectic, with rushed tasks and ensuring that everyone gets what they require. The house becomes a minefield of strewn clothing and misplaced car keys. It hardly ever entails sitting down with a cup of coffee and a meal.

Exercising isn’t even on your morning to-do list because you’re short on time.While it may be exhausting, you have a bad habit. It is possible to change one’s habits for the better. Instead of focusing on a long list of “to-dos” first thing in the morning, consider one of these helpful techniques to get your day started:


  1. Do the yoga stretch for two minutes.

This easy fitness program should be done as soon as you wake up. Arms take one minute, while legs take one minute. Move your muscles and stretch them out. Not only does this give your brain time to wake up, but it also improves your physical equilibrium.

Set your alarm for 5 minutes earlier than usual. Allow yourself a few minutes to fully awaken before moving your mind and body with the stretches. These few minutes will give you a greater chance to get through your day without difficulty.

  1. Take a spot shower.

When it comes to bathing, everyone has a preference. If you like to do your personal care at night, utilize the morning shower as a brief scrub bath. This not only removes irritants from the skin, but also allows the body to awaken.

Jump into the shower after stretching. Use these final few peaceful moments to mentally review your day. Allow yourself only ten minutes to bathe, then use the remainder of your morning to get things done.

  1. Purchase An Old School Alarm Clock.

Do this to avoid disruption from the phone’s snooze buttons, .

Our phones can now do practically everything, even setting an alarm, thanks to advances in technology. However, we have a habit of continually checking our phones for information, and we frequently miss the alarm sound. We press the snooze button several times till the phone stops beeping. This not only disturbs our sleep, but it is also a hindrance during the morning ritual.

Keep the new clock on the other side of the room from you. Check to see if it can be used with a battery or if it needs to be plugged in. Choose energetic music that will help you wake up. This not only eliminates the need for your phone, but it also signals to your body and mind that it is time to begin your day.


  1. Make a delicious and healthy breakfast.

While time may not be on your side when it comes to preparing a full meal every morning, it is still critical to prepare something nutritious. A granola bar and a cup of coffee will not suffice. In fact, according to research conducted by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), “those who eat breakfast are 12.3% healthier throughout the day than those who don’t, while people who don’t have breakfast eat 6.8% more food during the day.”

Concentrate on two-ingredient recipes. Avocado and toast, granola and yogurt, strawberries, and cottage cheese are just a few of the options. Include a natural juice that you enjoy. Allow yourself fifteen minutes to relax and enjoy your food. This also allows your body to properly digest the food. Try a vitamin-packed power shake for a late-morning snack.

  1. Make a list of your daily tasks.

It’s time to take control if your day is typically packed with detours that cause you to put off important things. Make a list of all the duties you wish to complete that day, except work. Check off each completed project on this list. This will help you stay on track and determine when you have free time to share with others.

Make some of the chores a priority if they are necessities. Use your off time to make larger purchases, such as weekly groceries. Pick up only a single product on your weekday. To avoid overworking yourself, make sure you leave enough time for each task. Some things may be put off, but dinner is not one of them.

  1. Each morning, do only one chore.

This is not the time to get down on your knees and mop the floors; instead, focus on a task that can be completed in five minutes. For example, loading and starting the dishwasher or organizing your clothing for subsequent washing. These simple things might add up to a lot of time saving in the evening.

Wipe down your bathroom if it appears to be the dirtiest. While brushing your teeth, wipe off the sink and handles with an antibacterial wipe. Using a foam cleaner, clean the shower. After a quick wipe down of the toilet area, spray down the shower and go about your business. It’s one less thing to do today, which means you’ll have more free time later.

  1. Skip the news and head straight to the commute.

While it is unavoidable to turn on any news station and be bombarded with breaking news and dismay, this will obstruct your thinking for the rest of the day. According to a recent Time Magazine research, “One in ten Americans checks the news every hour,” and “A whopping 20% of Americans admit to checking their social media feed numerous times per hour, frequently exposing themselves to news headlines.”

Checking the news later in the day, when your mind and body are fully awake and able to sensibly filter through the information, is a good idea. Make a beeline towards traffic and keep it short. To modify your travel demands, make sure the routes you choose are free of detours or accidents.

  1. Make a sleep schedule for yourself.

The mind will follow the body when it is conditioned to go to bed and wake up at the same time each day. Weekends and days off are included in this. This also allows you to make a reasonable estimate of how much time you can commit in a single day.

Set your alarm clock back if you think an extra half hour in the morning would be beneficial. Continue to get up at that early hour. The body will first resist this sensation, but it will quickly adjust. Showering is also a good idea at this time.


  1. Put on some music that makes you happy.

Instead of listening to piano melodies to start your day, listen to energetic music. Something you’ll be able to sing along to. Use this music as a background to keep you inspired during your morning ritual.

Make it fun for everyone if you have family. Purchase a low-cost bag of marbles. Each person selects a favorite. Fill a container with them. Every morning, a marble is removed. The winner gets to choose the morning’s genre.

  1. Open your drapes.

Each morning, the greatest way to awaken your senses is with natural light. The brain recognizes light as a sign of being awake and functional. “Exposure to natural light helps our bodies create Vitamin D, improves our sleep habits, and helps us focus better,” the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes.

This is still vital on a wet day. Allow enough time for the light to enter the space and for your body to acclimatize. Open your windows for some fresh air on warmer mornings. Consider using blackout curtains during the day to reduce heat and light, which can make the room uncomfortable at night.

Final Thoughts

Your day will flow easier and your emotions will remain calmer if you make tiny changes to your morning routine. Every day, do your best and have no regrets at the end of the day. “Now that your eyes are open, make the sun envious with your burning ambition to start the day…”, as novelist Malak El Halabi famously said.

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