Avoiding High Cholesterol And Heart Disease


You Don’t Want Them

If you have high cholesterol, then you are at a high risk for getting heart disease. If your heart decides to go on strike, even for a minute, you could die. The heart has to do an incredibly hard job by beating regularly for at least the 70 or so years of the lifespan that you care genetically programmed to have. With high cholesterol, heart disease is just a heartbeat away.

The Obesity Factor

Although some people are unlucky enough to be born with congenital heart disease or birth defects of their hearts or arteries, for most people, heart disease can be avoided through a sensible diet and regular exercise. Not smoking and not indulging in drugs (illegal or legal) as your sole source of relieving your stress can also help you get low cholesterol, and heart disease will not come calling.

There is a growing obesity problem throughout the world (pun not intended). This is when you are over 20% of your ideal body weight. There are even more morbidly obese than ever before. The morbidly obese are at least 100 pounds over the weight they should be. They are usually too ill with high cholesterol and heart disease and other ailments to risk getting surgery.

You Need To Go To The Doctor

High cholesterol and heart disease will not go away on their own – unless you count death (you don’t have to worry about cholesterol and heart disease when you’re dead). And you will wind up dead if you don’t go see a doctor. There are easy blood tests that you can take in order to help your doctor give you a proper treatment. And please don’t use this article as a substitute for a doctor’s diagnosis.

Not only will you be on medication for high cholesterol and heart disease, but you must change your lifestyle if you want to stay alive. These changes are hard at first, but get easier the more you practice them. Ask your doctor for help on these lifestyle changes – that’s one of the things you pay him or her for.

There’s no short cut for lowering your cholesterol, blood pressure and chances of a heart attack or stroke. However, doing so will also lower your chances to get a lot of other diseases like diabetes, asthma and bad circulation. You need to eat a low-fat, sensible diet, exercise regularly (and housework counts as exercise) and learn how to not take things so seriously.