About Me


I’m Simon. Life whacked me across the head, to get me here.

I worked all my life as an engineer.

Started several companies, and lived what I thought was the good life.

Until the universe gave me some wake up calls, and I had to make some decisions.

Even though I had my own engineering company, I always felt that there must be something more worthwhile for me to contribute to this world.

So from a young age, I immersed myself with all the writings and courses dealing with “self improvement or personal development” that I could lay my hands on.

It was a game. Fun at times, surprising at other times, and a total waste of time at some stages as well.

When I was a teenager, I already believed that letting your consciousness be confronted with certain images on a daily basis, would make a difference.

Instead of the usual pop star posters that most kids my age had on their bedroom wall, I had pictures of things I wanted. (This might have been a sneaky way to communicate to my parents what was on my Xmas wishlist as well.)

However, there were items there, that they definitely had no control over.

There was a certain very expensive sports car, which they firstly could not afford, and secondly I was to young to drive anyway. The surprising thing about that picture was that I never actually ever owned that particular car.
Not because I could not afford it, but because my wants lead me to another model (slightly more exotic to be honest).

But herewith comes a lesson, which just about every self help guru seems to miss.

You will get it.You just need to prepare the proper lead up to it.

Back to my story.

I should have been dead – twice at least.

The first time, was a lesson that not everything bad that happens,is actually bad for us.

I needed a holiday. I went to my travel agent, and she managed to get me a tremendous deal to go for an island holiday in the Far East. The deal was possible because she and some of her colleagues were able to get us into a group discount deal. The dates were set in stone however. If I could not go, any change would cost a lot more money.

It was short notice, but I knew that I could delegate and finish what needed to be done in my business without a problem.

Problem: The sophisticated computer controlled machine that was central to my production, broke down. I needed to fly in a component from Germany, to get it up and running again. This would only take a few days, but was enough to delay a project I needed to complete before going on holiday.

There was no way I could get the job done in time to go on the holiday. Reluctantly, I rebooked the holiday for exactly a week later. Same flight details, everything the same, except a week later, and now a lot more expensive.

My travel agent still went on the original date. I didn’t. That plane crashed into the Indian ocean. No survivors. I was booked on it. Maybe there was a bigger plan for me.

Life went on. My business grew, as did my stress level. I coped. But I was not content. Money was not an issue. My happiness (or rather lack thereof) was.

But I meandered on. Now however, I decided to be a little more proactive in my mission.

I took several courses and came out as an advanced Reiki practitioner, qualified hypnotist, advanced EFT practitioner, NLP graduate etc. etc.

Now, I am not telling you all that to brag, but more to impress upon you, how even the best information, can still leave you, err… stupid. I had to find that out by having a heart attack.

Yep all that knowledge, and nearly taken out anyway. Again I was fortunate,
I had the attack, right in front of my partner, who immediately got medical help and I survived.

So all this brought me to now try and figure out what was wrong. And it seems, not that much. But just enough to derail most efforts of using your mind to make a difference.

There are simple things that nearly everyone overlooks (I certainly did) that can make all the difference.

Join me on a journey to find a better path.

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