5 Diet Changes that will Lower Blood Pressure

So, you need to lower your blood pressure, but you don’t want to take prescription medications.

The first step you should take is to make some changes in your diet.  There are some small steps you can make that can add up to a big difference in your blood pressure.  Here are 5 changes to try.

Cut Back on Salt.

This is probably the most important change you can make to your diet if you want to lower your blood pressure.  Instead of salting your food; experiment with different spices, sauces, and other seasonings.  Just be sure to read labels and check the amount of sodium.  Try cutting back on packaged foods that are higher in sodium and search for less salty options.

Go for the veggies. 

When our body has all the vitamins and minerals it needs, it can work more efficiently.  This helps to lower your blood pressure along with improving functioning all over your body.  Potassium is particularly important for lowering blood pressure.

While you can always just get a comprehensive multivitamin, the best choice is to eat foods rich in certain vital substances.  The best way to do this is by adding fruits and veggies to your diet.  Try replacing some of the meat in your diet with these healthier alternatives.  Just remember that meat has nutrients you need as well, so eat foods that will replace those nutrients as well.

Get more fiber.

Increasing the amount of soluble fiber in your diet can not only lower your blood pressure, it can also lower your cholesterol, and help you lost weight naturally.

You can add fiber to your diet by eating oat bran, apple pectin, or guar gum.  A slightly more pleasant alternative would be fiber supplements.  Just make sure to check how much of the content is soluble fiber.

Cut back on sugar.

  While scientists aren’t really sure why, eating processed sugars raises your blood pressure.  You should cut back on eating sugar, or eat it with fiber or protein; they slow the absorption and lessen the effects.

Ditch the diet pills.

  While losing weight can help lower your blood pressure, stick to a healthy diet rather than taking pills.  Many weight loss pills can actually raise your blood pressure.  Losing weight the old fashioned way with diet and exercise is the best idea for lowering your blood pressure.

If you think these changes sound like too much for your tastes, why not take them one at a time?  You could also make changes in increments.

For example, decide to replace one sugary or salty snack with a fruit of vegetable each day for a week.  Once you’re used to one change, you can keep adding more until you’re comfortable and happy with your new healthy diet and lower blood pressure.