10 Signs-Of Bad Eating Habits

Fast Food


Empty Plate


#1 You Finish Your Meal Before Anyone Else – If you eat too fast, you are eating mindlessly and are not savoring your meal to allow the 20 minutes it takes the brain to register that you are full, which results in eating more food than you really need.

#2 You Eat Food That Has Been Created In A Factory – Instead of cooking with fresh ingredients, you are eating pre-processed foods, which are high in preservatives, salt and calories. When you cook for yourself, you know exactly what has gone into making meals and what you put into your body.

#3 You Shop In The Center Part Of The Grocery Store The Most – If you routinely find yourself in the center aisles of the market, where canned and processed foods reside and less or no time in the periphery of the store that holds fresh produce, meat and dairy you are eating foods that are high in preservatives, salt and sugar and NOT real whole food.

#4 You Eat Right Out Of The Box – If you eat potato chips right out of the bag or ice cream out of the carton, you are probably not eating the right portions of food and will have a tendency to eat more food than you need. This is a sure fire way to obesity.


#5 You Eat From The Drive Thru Regularly – Unless you are ordering a salad every time, which most of us don’t, the drive thru is not conducive to good nutrition. Most offer greasy, fat filled food that lacks any real nutrients. Consider whole food, which is food typically made up one ingredient and unprocessed. Fresh fish, chicken, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are whole foods and they are not offered at the drive thru.

#6 You Eat In Front Of The TV – When you find yourself regulary eating in front of the television, it means you are probably eating mindlessly and not paying attention to how much you eat or the signals your body gives off when you are full. This leads to overeating and obesity.

#7 You Eat A Narrow Variety Of Food – If you don’t vary your diet, you stand a good chance of missing key nutrients in your diet. Fill your menu with different foods so you get all the nutrients you need, eating from all food groups is the easiest way to ensure you are eating a well-balanced diet.

#8 You Eat To Appease Emotions – Emotional eating or overeating is always unhealthy. Mainly this takes place when people are bored, lonely, tired, upset, stressed, or angry. It always occurs when one is not truly hungry, but is trying to use food to deal with emotions and that food is typically junk food. Emotional overeating can be a serious problem that can lead to obesity, depression, guilt, and anxiety over the eating itself, help is available to address this problem.

#9 You Eat Two Or Less Giant Meals Daily – It is much healthier to eat 5 to 7 small meals each day than to eat 2 or worse yet 1 large one. When you eat small meals several times per day you keep the metabolism revved and never let your blood sugars drop.

#10 You Eat More Calories Daily Than You Burn – The simple formula for weight management and weight loss is to eat less calories than you burn so to create a deficit. This is true for men and women, and becomes even more detrimental as we age and our metabolism slows naturally.