10 Easy to Incorporate Stress Relievers

While stress is the leading cause of serious health conditions, there are ways in which we can alleviate the every day stress in our lives.  Here are some stress relievers you can incorporate into your daily life.

* Meditation.  Utilize a room in your home that is quiet and void of distractions.  Sit on a floor mat with legs folded, back straight, hands palm up on legs.  Clear your mind.  Begin breathing in and out slowly.  Focus only on your breathing.  Before you know it the stress will leave your body and you will become relaxed and energized.

* Exercise.  Any form of exercise will release endorphins in your brain and alleviate any ongoing stress.  Stretching, however, can relieve stress by engaging in a few exercises in your home.  For example, stand with knees slightly bent, arms out-stretched, and then slowly bring your arms in toward your body in a circular motion.  Think of carrying a large basket in your arms and moving it close to your body.

* Walking.  20 minutes of walking can create a wonderful and relaxing state of mind.  You can literally work off the stress and feel relaxed and full of energy after a brisk walk.  Walking in the park also affords you the opportunity to commune with nature and the environment.

* Writing.  If you are not into exercise, another way to get rid of whatever is causing the stress is to keep a daily journal.  Write down your thoughts and feelings as a way of releasing the negativity within.  It is a catharsis that does dissipate stressful thoughts.  There is another way to relieve the stress, and it does work.  Write down a stress-induced feeling on a piece of paper and then put it into an ashtray and burn it.  Dissolving it into ashes releases the burden.


* Music.  Music does calm the savage beast.  Whether you are driving, at work or at home there is nothing that can alleviate stress more than soothing music.  Whether it is classical, instrumental or sounds of the waves.  Utilize this stress-relieving technique as often as you can.

* Yoga.  There are many forms of yoga available today.  There is, however, a new method called Qi Gong (pronounced Chi Gong), which has become very popular.  It encompasses slow movements, which allows you to focus on your breathing and relaxes you immediately.

* Dancing.  This is another stress reliever that anyone can participate in.  Put on your favorite CDs from the 50s or 60s and dance away.  It is not only great for the heart, but the workout alone will energize you and is a fun exercise as well.

* Shopping.  This may sound a bit odd, but a trip to the mall can help reduce stress.  You become so busy looking at the latest fashions that you forget about you and concentrate on what you can purchase.

* Play, Musical or the Opera.  Perhaps the one thing you haven’t done is treat yourself to a night on the town.  Everyone needs a break once in a while, and one of these forms of entertainment can put you in a great mood immediately.

* Tea.  Sometimes, making a cup of brewed tea such as chamomile can alleviate stress.  Its properties will calm and soothe and it does reduce stress levels.  Have a cup during the day or before going to bed. A peaceful sleep awaits you.